Cain Russol

Cynical, gambling problem, no nonsense, no joking


Chestnut, greasy hair gently hangs over a full, sad face. Smart brown eyes,, watch anxiously over the homes they’ve fought for for so long.Fire has left a mark reaching from the right side of the forehead , running towards the left side of his lips and ending on his chin leaves a stinging memory of his former lover.

There’s something curious about him, perhaps it’s a feeling of anguish or perhaps it’s simply his gentleness. But nonetheless, people tend to socialize with him, while trying to subtlely stare.


Cain Russol was the friend of Logrin before the incident. After Logrin sent in his troops into the sewers to put an end to the cult that was going to kill Ned Etun and it went horribly wrong. Logrin was sent to Wyrmwatch since his men no longer trusted his judgement. There were also rumours of a Mysterious Figure gaining a following up there so it was an easy way to learn more of the situation for no real cost. Ned Etun Is busy dealing with the diplomatic issues of Thousand Peaks so it’s on Cain Russol to handle local issues.

Potential Quests:

Go into the sewer and clear out the cultists. Leads to Order of the Shadow Watchers

Orcs are getting more and more aggressive in the country side.

Go see what happened to logrin.

Deal with the issues in Thousand Peaks so Cain doesn’t have so much on his plate.

Cain Russol

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